• Archieving market leadership through a new sales concept

    Product: Travel insurance

    Region: Austria

  • Adaptation to Chinese price and performance expectations

    Product: Surgical tables

    Region: China

  • Putting an end to the loss of disposable revenue towards low cost providers

    Product: Dialysis

    Region: EMEA

  • Directing corporate funds to the right technical approach for COrecycling

    Product: Coal-fired power plants

    Region: Germany

  • Taking the payment function of the Miles & More card away from VISA

    Product: Credit cards

    Region: Europe

  • OR Integration – the right response to new hospital demands

    Product: System Integration

    Region: USA and Germany

  • Distinguishing the next generation of E-forklifts from the competition

    Product: Heavy duty E-forklifts

    Region: Europe

  • Significant increase of earnings through a well balanced 2-line strategy

    Product: Professional washing machines

    Region: Western Europe

  • Winning over target companies – throught full disclosure of preference patterns

    Product: Voice over IP

    Region: Germany

  • Disclosing the truth behind the wishes of public transportation providers

    Product: City busses

    Region: Western Europe

  • Condensing the product range from 6 to 4 products, without loosing costumers

    Product: Water heaters

    Region: Germany

  • Returning to high profitability in the low cost segment

    Product: Signal cables

    Region: Germany

Gelszus USP

Our consultants are math-oriented market-strategists with a strong focus on sales strategy.


Our management consists of two in Hamburg born pragmatists with a keen sense for numbers…


We support our clients in all their market challenges – both on well-known grounds and when entering new territories…


Your career at Gelszus Consulting – Gelszus expects a lot of its employees and partners and is willing…